BORED housewives ESCORT SERVICE, Los Angeles, BOREDHOUSEWIVES ESCORT SERVICE, THE. PREMIERE ESCORT SERVICE of LOS Angeles, Los AnGELES ESCORTs. ESCORT SERVICE LOS ANGELES, BORED HOUSEWIVES ESCORT SERVICE, ESCORT SERVICES, PREMIERE Escort SERVICE IN LA, LAX, LOS Angeles, INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. BEL AIR, BEVERLY HILLS, CENTURY CITY, SANTA Monica AND THE GREATER. L.A. AREA ESCORT SERVICE. I arrived just on time, the Mansion was in  an upscale area of town. I licked my lips and lifted my breasts,as I knocked on the door. While the door opened I saw a handsome gray haired gentleman, in a white terry cloth robe, standing behind the big brass doorway. I entered his room as he smiled and scanned my entire body with his blue sexy eyes,I could feel a tingle between my legs as he started to speak.I knew my sexual hunger would be appeased before the night was over.I said hi my name is. Samantha and your Bill,,where are you from Bill.? As he sat on the love seat  I noticed a bulge between his legs and his robe.I knew he was as excited as I was to be there. Oh Texas, where everything is bigger and better. I smiled as he poured me a drink of wine, we both toasted to our new found erotic fun,,I said “I usually start with a body massage”. I then untied his robe only to see a erect greeting, hard and red. I got him to lay on his stomache and then started to massage his neck. He turned over suddenly and grabbed me. then as he started to touch my breast from the top of my lace bra..I knew everything would be bigger and better mmmm.I had another drink of my red wine as I took a sip from my mouth the wine dropped onto my breast, I dropped the glass into the floor and we both fell onto the bed as he pulled my panties off of my hot bulging bottom, he then ripped my bra off and my Hard body began to scream he started to suck my firm sweating  breasts.I could feel him between my legs was so hard and heavy I was moaning from the anticipation as he threw my dress over my head and proceeded to lick my entire belly button teasing me with his tongue all the way down to my throbbing.mmm. As I moaned and groaned wanting him inside  in my swelling lips. I collapsed with my head back onto the bed from the intensity as we rushed and rolled around and underneath each other’s skin. Pure ecstasy hot and sweating over both of us as we fell asleep into a long hard wet dream.  Xoxo


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